How to improve the surface highlight effect of the prototype models?

Nowadays, the designers of the prototype industry are more and more strict in the requirements for board-like pieces, which will surely bring great challenge to the rapid prototyping industry and rapid prototyping companies.

For example, we usually are requested to make plastic prototypes with highlight effect, which requires master worker with rich experience in subsequent processing in a high level. In order to improve the quality of each prototype, the master in KAIAO, one of the top rapid prototyping companies in China will use at least three kinds of sandpaper to process on the prototype model surface until it’s polished. The more smooth it is polished, the higher the brightness. Of course, this is heavy workload.

After that, we generally do painting 3-4 times and then take the prototype into the dust-free workshop for UV processing. The highlight effect of prototype surface will be ideal then. However, it requires early inspection to see if the surface bonding is not good or the wall thickness is too thin or if UV processing causes rupture or deformation.

Prototyping Significance:

1. Verify the design, solve all kinds of fatal flaws in new products, avoid high risk.
2. Batch trial production, 2-3 days rapid prototyping, save up to several months time cost.
3. Sample exhibitors, quickly seize the market opportunities, instant access to a large number of orders and considerable cash.
To this end, the KAIAO has been studied over 19 years!

Zero risk commitment to protect your interests:

If you are not satisfied with the production of prototype highlight effect, accuracy of less than + 0.1mm, which can not meet your assembly requirements, or you feel the appearance of the sample prototype (fuel injection, silk screen, plating and other surface treatment), can not achieve 99% fidelity of the finished mold, you only need to return the prototype within 3 days after you receive it, we will immediately, unconditionally, free of charge for you to create a new set of prototype. Not only that, we undertake all the freight back and forth. Don’t hesitate to contact KAIAO for free here.

Is CNC Prototype Machining Still the Mainstream in Five Years?

As a professional team in mock-up sample industry for over a decade, KAIAO thinks that, as an  advanced product of industrial revolution, intelligent CNC technology combines a variety of mechanical and electronic advanced technology and has been in a relatively mature technology stage. Relying on this technology , the important production equipment -CNC engraving and milling machine plays an important role in the entire production process. CNC prototype machining can rivals mold making in accuracy, up to about 0.02.

In one of our cases for bearing aluminum alloy CNC prototypes, we meet the customer requirements and do the accuracy to 0.01-0.02 to be a perfect match. Considering shrinkage factors in mold injection molding, CNC prototype machining is possible to be more accurate than injection molding.

In the next five or even ten years, KAIAO, one of the top CNC prototype machining companies in China, still believes that CNC Machining is the mainstream for rapid prototyping. As an industry elite team, KAIAO has been concerned about the prototype industry development, so as to continuously improve the technical content of prototypes and provide thoughtful service, leading industry development for more customers.

Rapid Prototyping will be loved and trusted by many units and businesses

Rapid Prototyping, as an important economic system, is necessary to maintain a low-key innovative state and technology integration and it is the key to tensions in China’s manufacturing industry.

KAIAO, one of the top rapid prototyping companies in China, always follows the innovation rhythm in the background of SLA, SLS laser rapid prototyping model making, and is committed to the production of CNC rapid machining, low volume production of vacuum silicone molding. Due to KAIAO’s high-tech and high-end talents’ perfect cooperation, rapid prototyping in KAIAO is now loved and trusted by many units and enterprises. From the horizontal perspective, there are a lot of branches with wide service; from a vertical perspective, any branch is the chain from parts to complete products.

So, China’s equipment manufacturing industry is facing transformation and upgrading, you need to climb the slope of high-end global value chain as well as the core technology. Finally, as KAIAO elaborates, in order to stand out in the core and future of the equipment manufacturing, you will have to renovate in innovation and follow the times and meet people’s needs. And KAIAO prototype insisted on using market to promote the upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, which is always believed to be the core and future of KAIAO.

Advantages of Aluminum Prototyping

First, aluminum prototypes not only select high quality materials, but also produced by professional production and processing center. The most significant advantage of aluminum prototyping is reflected in the rapid production. In addition, in the production process, the wall thickness of the product also has a certain standard requirement, if the wall thickness is too thin, the product cannot be produced.

Second, due to the special selection of materials, prototype aluminum casting accurately reflects what the pre-designed product drawings want to express. Not only that, the surface quality is also very good, especially after silk screen and related surface spray processing, the product looks exquisite and glory.

Problems in the Process of Silicone Rubber Mold Making

1. Reasonable choice and proper opening of the exhaust channel. The correct opening of the exhaust channel on the silicone mold has a great effect on ensuring the quality of the silicone prototypes. The exhaust position should be selected at the highest point of the mold cavity and ensure that the passage is open to prevent the exhaust passage from being clogged with the silicone so that the product can not be formed or has pores defect. As the elasticity of silica gel is very good, when gas needle pricks exhaust hole and we pull out the air needle, the airway will shrink to be smaller. In the product copy, you can insert fine-pored plastic pipe in the hole avoid silicone being clogged.

2. Correct control of the knife path. When cutting the mold with a knife, the walking path of the knife is a straight line with a knife nose, and curve with the tail, so the silicone rubber mold is irregular, so as to ensure accurate positioning of the upper and lower mold clamping molds and avoid dislocation caused by error.

3. Ensure that the material is mixed evenly. When the curing agent and silica gel mixed, due to the intense reaction, the mixture will produce a large number of bubbles and the volume becomes larger. At this moment, we should immediately enter air into the vacuum chamber, reduce the bubble, and continue to repeat this process to ensure that the curing agent and silica gel mix evenly.

For the rest three problems please visit:



RIM molding is a kind of molding process that mixes two or more high-active raw materials under pressure, impinge-mix through the mixing head and inject into the mold to produce prototypes along with the chemical reaction. RIM molding can be used to produce fender, body panels and other large parts.

RRIM (enhanced reaction injection) molding is a kind of RIM moulding that adds fiber or filler in the liquid raw material components. RRIM moulding can produce good impact of the car shells, such as car door panels.

SRIM (structural reaction injection) molding produces roof frame, shell, trunk lid, bumper and so on. The glass fiber reinforced SRIM bumper produced by KAIAO for one of the top car manufacture in China, weighs about 3.45kg (7. 6lb) and it perfectly replaces the original steel bumper which is about 7kg. That is 50% of weight reduction and impact resistance also improves. KAIAO’s RRIM Polyurethane products have been used as a rear panel for the German Volkswagen.

Gas Assisted Injection Molding: the Basic Principles and Basic Processes

The basic principle of Air Mould is: put a certain amount of melt into the cavity, then the compressed air into the melt center, and then the melt will fill with cavity under the action of compressed air.

The basic process of GA IM mainly includes the following stages:

(1) Melt injection: the polymer melt is put into the mold cavity, the process is the same as with the traditional injection molding, the melt is generally filled with 60% to 97% of cavity, which varies by products;

(2) Gas injection: high-pressure nitrogen is put into the melt core, the melt flow is driven by high-pressure gas to move forward until the full cavity;

(3) Gas pressure: the workpiece is cooled while maintaining gas pressure; in the cooling process, the gas from the inside out pressure to ensure that the outer surface of the product close to the mold wall, and the internal supplement melt shrinkage caused by melt cooling through the secondary gas through;

(4) Gas pressure relief and recycling;

(5) Cavity open, remove the parts


Indexable Cutting Tools

In the CNC machine cutting process, when a cutting point is blunt, it will no longer be re-grinded and will be transposed with another cutting point. Most cutting point of the indexable cutting tools uses carbide as well as ceramic, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride or polycrystalline diamond.

During 1949 to 1950, the United States first developed a mechanically clamped tool, and in 1954 began to sell the so-called throw-away indexable inserts.

Advantages of Indexable Tooling

Due to the high efficiency and little auxiliary time of indexable tooling, it greatly promoted the advancement of CNC tooling.

The indexable cutting tools has the following advantages compared to brazing and other mechanical clamping tools:

1.Avoid the shortcoming of hard alloy brazing’s prone to crack
2.Indexable inserts is suitable for vapor deposition on the surface of cemented carbide blade thinner harder materials (titanium carbide, titanium nitride and aluminum oxide) to improve the cutting performance
3.Indexable tool changing time is shorter
4. Stable chip control due to the standardized and centralized production of indexable cutting tools. Blade geometry is easy to match.

Indexable tooling Applications

Indexable tooling is widely used in various turning tools, boring tools, milling cutters, outer surface broaches, large diameter deep hole drilling and nesting drilling.

Make full use of indexable cutting tools’ advantages

Due to the advantages of indexable tooling discussed above, KAIAO, one of the top CNC machining companies, uses indexable cutting tools in its CNC machining for the customers and it is fully experienced to take full advantageous of the indexable inserts.

If you are interested in using CNC machining as your next project, KAIAO is going to be of great help. Feel free to contact KAIAO for a free quote.

Plastic Prototype for Sharing Bike’s Tire

Since the second 50% of the year 2016, sharing bikes, with its intend to give an answer “the last mile go” and also its green show, has turned into another most loved for Chinese. In any case, the genuine recipients of the famous bicycles appear to be bicycle producers and all the more upstream extra parts and materials makers, when contrasted with the administrators who are still in close battle.

Despite such a developing business sector, what can the plastic business get? On these issues, KAIAO, as per the times of involvement in plastic prototype models and items, will plate the plastic model in sharing bicycles and its advancement drift.

Plastic Prototype for Sharing Bike’s Tire

The material that may show up on a bike is metal, carbon fiber, plastic, elastic, cowhide, paint et cetera. The structures that utilization plastic in bikes may incorporate the handle, taillight, and tires. Conversely, the measure of plastic devoured by tires is substantially more noteworthy.

KAIAO is an expert quick prototyping organization that makes plastic models (Clear Acrylic Prototypes, for instance), like bicycle tire model, handle model, taillight models with thermoplastic elastomer TPE as ahead of schedule as five or six years prior for city’s open bikes in Shenzhen.

A tire plastic model made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE is around 1 kg with the aggregate sum 2 kg. On the off chance that ascertained by the unit cost of materials, a plastic bicycle tire model expenses around forty or fifty yuan, and that is around 10% of the famous Mobike lite second era.

Rapid Tooling and Types of Rapid Tooling

Since produced in the late 1980s in the United States, RT tooling has rapidly developed and widely used in the whole industry, making it in a prosperous stage of development. Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing technology, if stays in the prototype production, will not form an impact to the manufacturing. The prototype of Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing technology in many cases is not a substitute for the final real product due to its materials used.

Rapid Tooling

In order to obtain products produced by real materials and form a certain amount of production capacity, Rapid Tooling (RP Tooling) comes into being based on Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing technology. In order to play a greater advantage of RPM technology, it must form a certain amount of rapid manufacturing capacity, therefore, Rapid Tooling, which is based on RPM rapid die technology, is now in rapid developing.

RT tooling is characterized by its significant economic benefits, which reduces about 10%-30% when compared with the traditional CNC machining.

Types of Rapid Tooling

There are two types of rapid tooling based manufacturing methods: direct rapid tooling and indirect rapid tooling.

Direct rapid tooling uses RT tooling to produce molds directly. Among the methods and types of rapid tooling, selective laser sintering, which is short for SLS, can directly produce the metal mold. Steel and copper alloy injection mold manufactured by direct rapid tooling can be used up to 50,000 or more. However, in the sintering process, materials shrink and it is difficult to control, making it hard to get high precision mold quickly. At present, the major type of rapid tooling is indirect rapid tooling. And, according to the different materials, indirect rapid tooling can be generally divided into Soft Tooling and Hard Tooling.

KAIAO Rapid Tooling

KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing Co.,Limited specialises in rapid prototyping like rp tooling and always offers customers the best parts with high accurate in short time with low cost because of decades of experiences and always full advantages of rapid CNC machining, RIM, RT tooling taken. Both plastic prototypes and metal molds are be easily handled by KAIAO. If you are interested in RP tooling to make your next project, feel free to contact KAIAO for a free quote.