Why KAIAO is so loved and trusted by customers?

Founded in 1995, KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing Co., Limited is one of the leading rapid prototyping supplier in China, who’s dedicated to provide final solutions for design phase verification of new products, trial production and low volume production of plastic parts etc. What KAIAO is always keep trying to do is to shorten the trial cycle and save development cost for customers.

Over the past 20 years, the company has served numerous customers, and are always praised by customers and wins the trust. So, why KAIAO is so loved and trusted by customers?

“Every mutual cooperation with customers, KAIAO regards it as a self-improvement. We will seriously summarize customers’ needs in every cooperation and optimize our equipment.  We are not only running for the target of improving two to five times of production efficiency or saving 10% to 30% of investment cost, but also provide customers with the best service in every prototype developing. KAIAO’s core talents and masters will participate in the whole developing so as to provide the best plan. In this way, prototypes from KAIAO is laudable whether in economic or production speed.” said Mr. Wood, CEO of KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing Co., Limited, which also explains why KAIAO is loved and trusted by customers.

KAIAO’s Advantages

What rapid prototyping companies usually do is to create the model first and show it to the customers to feel the advantages of the product as well as the product functions and structure. As the leading rapid prototyping manufacture in China, KAIAO is able to provide customers one-step service to impress customers. And KAIAO’s advices, recommendations and suggestions always make customers feel reliable, which somewhat speed up the product production for sale.

We have SLS and DLP from German, SLA rapid prototyping equipment from United States, 3D printer from Stratasys, United States, ten Taiwan imported CNC machining center, vacuum complex, low pressure perfusion. And we are able to do 3D printing, plastic prototypes, metal prototypes, function prototypes, transparent prototypes, high temperature prototypes, auto parts prototypes, kitchen appliances prototypes. Prototype appearance can be painted, electroplated, drawn, silk screen etc.


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