Car Mock-ups are Important Basis for the Automobile Industry

In the car production, more than 90% of the parts need to rely on mold forming. For example, the most basic front and rear headlights, bumpers, car trim, etc., are under the help and auxiliary of rapid prototyping.

China’s automobile rapid prototype industry closely follows the development of automobiles, and whether in technology or equipment, should focus on product structure adjustment, and gradually enhance the level of rapid moulding, which is believed to be the prerequisite to occupy the high-end market with complex prototypes with complex structure, high precision and advanced technology.

The basic idea of the development of automobile rapid prototyping model industry and technology highlights the development lifeline and mileage of a business.

Development as the theme and market, reform and technological innovation as the driving force, KAIAO, one of the top rapid prototyping company in automobile moulding industry in China, gradually grows into a strong mold enterprise with international competitiveness. Under the national industry policy, KAIAO vigorously promotes the industry organizational structure optimization and upgrades of industrial structure, accelerate the development of the market much-needed key products.


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