Rapid Prototypes for Automobile Exterior Parts

KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing Co.,Limited is the earliest sino-foreign joint venture that applies and promotes RPM technology in China, and is identified as a national rapid prototyping research and application service center and national CAD application engineering demonstration enterprise by State Ministry of Science and Technology in China. Also, KAIAO is CAD technical advisory services center in Shenzhen City and is one of the top automobile rapid prototyping manufacturers and has a wealth of practical experience in prototyping automobile exterior parts.

Rapid Prototypes for Automobile Exterior Parts Preproduction Processing

Preproduction of exterior trimming parts includes front and rear headlights, bumper prototypes etc. The trial process of rapid prototypes for automobile lamps are as follows:

1. Prototype: CNC machining, lamp holder and reflector cup decorative material are ABS or PC sheet, lamp cover material is the P mm A plate.
2. Mold: silicone rubber mold.
3. Molding: vacuum injection molding, lamp holder and reflective cup decoration material are PU resin Hei-cast8150 ; shade material is PU resin AXSON-PX521HT a transparent heat-resistant high-strength material.
4. Post-treatment: paint/vacuum coating.
5. Detection: tooling fixture splicing, 3 coordinate detection.
6. Accuracy control:
Prototype: Main positioning hole ± 0.3 mm, general mounting hole ± 0.5 mm, other size ± 0.8 mm.
Molding Parts: Main positioning hole ± 0.5 mm, 1 year mounting hole ± 0.8 mm, other size ± 1.2 mm.

Practice has proved that RP & M can optimize product design, shorten product development cycle, reduce development costs, thereby enhances the competitiveness of enterprises.

RP & M technology, as an important means, has been widely used in car parts rapid prototyping. RP trial samples can be used for visualization, design evaluation, interference testing, and even some functional tests for CAD digital models. In addition, the prototype can offer an intuitive understanding of the product’s appearance and performance, which has not yet put into mass production, and results in a timely evaluation, so that the factory can timely improve the products based on user needs and market research so as to create favorable conditions and avoid blind production losses.


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