The Era of Personalized 3D Printing for Medical Treatment Is Near

With the booming of 3D printing all over the world, 3D printing organ has become a real tool available. 3D print chest, nutcracker syndrome, skull and so on are the real application in medicine. The practical prospects of 3D printing in the medical model, prosthetics, dental surgical template, skull, cervical vertebral body and artificial joints and other aspects are great with great advantages in practicability and fungibility.

At present, the application of 3D printing technology has indeed been clinically recognized. 3D printing is able to offer the difficult and unpredictable disease with a treatment or further improve the treatment, so as to improve the treatment effect.

Therefore, the development of personalized and customized medical care is necessary. Through these organ models for preoperative simulation exercises, to develop a personalized surgical program, is able to avoid some unexpected situations. At the same time, treatment can be “personalized and customized”, which avoids the unnecessary surgical openings and greatly improve the recovery quality for patients and speed up the healing time.

In order to better apply 3D printing technology to the medicine and medical fields, such as the introduction of 3D printing pills, 3D print implants, 3D printing organs and organizations. KAIAO is striving to make custom 3D printing technology internationally standardized, gradually, and is continuing to develop relevant guidelines for better use of 3D printing technology for medical enterprises and individuals to provide better customized services.


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