Is CNC Prototype Machining Still the Mainstream in Five Years?

As a professional team in mock-up sample industry for over a decade, KAIAO thinks that, as an  advanced product of industrial revolution, intelligent CNC technology combines a variety of mechanical and electronic advanced technology and has been in a relatively mature technology stage. Relying on this technology , the important production equipment -CNC engraving and milling machine plays an important role in the entire production process. CNC prototype machining can rivals mold making in accuracy, up to about 0.02.

In one of our cases for bearing aluminum alloy CNC prototypes, we meet the customer requirements and do the accuracy to 0.01-0.02 to be a perfect match. Considering shrinkage factors in mold injection molding, CNC prototype machining is possible to be more accurate than injection molding.

In the next five or even ten years, KAIAO, one of the top CNC prototype machining companies in China, still believes that CNC Machining is the mainstream for rapid prototyping. As an industry elite team, KAIAO has been concerned about the prototype industry development, so as to continuously improve the technical content of prototypes and provide thoughtful service, leading industry development for more customers.


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