How to improve the surface highlight effect of the prototype models?

Nowadays, the designers of the prototype industry are more and more strict in the requirements for board-like pieces, which will surely bring great challenge to the rapid prototyping industry and rapid prototyping companies.

For example, we usually are requested to make plastic prototypes with highlight effect, which requires master worker with rich experience in subsequent processing in a high level. In order to improve the quality of each prototype, the master in KAIAO, one of the top rapid prototyping companies in China will use at least three kinds of sandpaper to process on the prototype model surface until it’s polished. The more smooth it is polished, the higher the brightness. Of course, this is heavy workload.

After that, we generally do painting 3-4 times and then take the prototype into the dust-free workshop for UV processing. The highlight effect of prototype surface will be ideal then. However, it requires early inspection to see if the surface bonding is not good or the wall thickness is too thin or if UV processing causes rupture or deformation.

Prototyping Significance:

1. Verify the design, solve all kinds of fatal flaws in new products, avoid high risk.
2. Batch trial production, 2-3 days rapid prototyping, save up to several months time cost.
3. Sample exhibitors, quickly seize the market opportunities, instant access to a large number of orders and considerable cash.
To this end, the KAIAO has been studied over 19 years!

Zero risk commitment to protect your interests:

If you are not satisfied with the production of prototype highlight effect, accuracy of less than + 0.1mm, which can not meet your assembly requirements, or you feel the appearance of the sample prototype (fuel injection, silk screen, plating and other surface treatment), can not achieve 99% fidelity of the finished mold, you only need to return the prototype within 3 days after you receive it, we will immediately, unconditionally, free of charge for you to create a new set of prototype. Not only that, we undertake all the freight back and forth. Don’t hesitate to contact KAIAO for free here.


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