Problems in the Process of Silicone Rubber Mold Making

1. Reasonable choice and proper opening of the exhaust channel. The correct opening of the exhaust channel on the silicone mold has a great effect on ensuring the quality of the silicone prototypes. The exhaust position should be selected at the highest point of the mold cavity and ensure that the passage is open to prevent the exhaust passage from being clogged with the silicone so that the product can not be formed or has pores defect. As the elasticity of silica gel is very good, when gas needle pricks exhaust hole and we pull out the air needle, the airway will shrink to be smaller. In the product copy, you can insert fine-pored plastic pipe in the hole avoid silicone being clogged.

2. Correct control of the knife path. When cutting the mold with a knife, the walking path of the knife is a straight line with a knife nose, and curve with the tail, so the silicone rubber mold is irregular, so as to ensure accurate positioning of the upper and lower mold clamping molds and avoid dislocation caused by error.

3. Ensure that the material is mixed evenly. When the curing agent and silica gel mixed, due to the intense reaction, the mixture will produce a large number of bubbles and the volume becomes larger. At this moment, we should immediately enter air into the vacuum chamber, reduce the bubble, and continue to repeat this process to ensure that the curing agent and silica gel mix evenly.

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