Plastic Prototype for Sharing Bike’s Tire

Since the second 50% of the year 2016, sharing bikes, with its intend to give an answer “the last mile go” and also its green show, has turned into another most loved for Chinese. In any case, the genuine recipients of the famous bicycles appear to be bicycle producers and all the more upstream extra parts and materials makers, when contrasted with the administrators who are still in close battle.

Despite such a developing business sector, what can the plastic business get? On these issues, KAIAO, as per the times of involvement in plastic prototype models and items, will plate the plastic model in sharing bicycles and its advancement drift.

Plastic Prototype for Sharing Bike’s Tire

The material that may show up on a bike is metal, carbon fiber, plastic, elastic, cowhide, paint et cetera. The structures that utilization plastic in bikes may incorporate the handle, taillight, and tires. Conversely, the measure of plastic devoured by tires is substantially more noteworthy.

KAIAO is an expert quick prototyping organization that makes plastic models (Clear Acrylic Prototypes, for instance), like bicycle tire model, handle model, taillight models with thermoplastic elastomer TPE as ahead of schedule as five or six years prior for city’s open bikes in Shenzhen.

A tire plastic model made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE is around 1 kg with the aggregate sum 2 kg. On the off chance that ascertained by the unit cost of materials, a plastic bicycle tire model expenses around forty or fifty yuan, and that is around 10% of the famous Mobike lite second era.


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