Indexable Cutting Tools

In the CNC machine cutting process, when a cutting point is blunt, it will no longer be re-grinded and will be transposed with another cutting point. Most cutting point of the indexable cutting tools uses carbide as well as ceramic, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride or polycrystalline diamond.

During 1949 to 1950, the United States first developed a mechanically clamped tool, and in 1954 began to sell the so-called throw-away indexable inserts.

Advantages of Indexable Tooling

Due to the high efficiency and little auxiliary time of indexable tooling, it greatly promoted the advancement of CNC tooling.

The indexable cutting tools has the following advantages compared to brazing and other mechanical clamping tools:

1.Avoid the shortcoming of hard alloy brazing’s prone to crack
2.Indexable inserts is suitable for vapor deposition on the surface of cemented carbide blade thinner harder materials (titanium carbide, titanium nitride and aluminum oxide) to improve the cutting performance
3.Indexable tool changing time is shorter
4. Stable chip control due to the standardized and centralized production of indexable cutting tools. Blade geometry is easy to match.

Indexable tooling Applications

Indexable tooling is widely used in various turning tools, boring tools, milling cutters, outer surface broaches, large diameter deep hole drilling and nesting drilling.

Make full use of indexable cutting tools’ advantages

Due to the advantages of indexable tooling discussed above, KAIAO, one of the top CNC machining companies, uses indexable cutting tools in its CNC machining for the customers and it is fully experienced to take full advantageous of the indexable inserts.

If you are interested in using CNC machining as your next project, KAIAO is going to be of great help. Feel free to contact KAIAO for a free quote.


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