Rapid Tooling and Types of Rapid Tooling

Since produced in the late 1980s in the United States, RT tooling has rapidly developed and widely used in the whole industry, making it in a prosperous stage of development. Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing technology, if stays in the prototype production, will not form an impact to the manufacturing. The prototype of Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing technology in many cases is not a substitute for the final real product due to its materials used.

Rapid Tooling

In order to obtain products produced by real materials and form a certain amount of production capacity, Rapid Tooling (RP Tooling) comes into being based on Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing technology. In order to play a greater advantage of RPM technology, it must form a certain amount of rapid manufacturing capacity, therefore, Rapid Tooling, which is based on RPM rapid die technology, is now in rapid developing.

RT tooling is characterized by its significant economic benefits, which reduces about 10%-30% when compared with the traditional CNC machining.

Types of Rapid Tooling

There are two types of rapid tooling based manufacturing methods: direct rapid tooling and indirect rapid tooling.

Direct rapid tooling uses RT tooling to produce molds directly. Among the methods and types of rapid tooling, selective laser sintering, which is short for SLS, can directly produce the metal mold. Steel and copper alloy injection mold manufactured by direct rapid tooling can be used up to 50,000 or more. However, in the sintering process, materials shrink and it is difficult to control, making it hard to get high precision mold quickly. At present, the major type of rapid tooling is indirect rapid tooling. And, according to the different materials, indirect rapid tooling can be generally divided into Soft Tooling and Hard Tooling.

KAIAO Rapid Tooling

KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing Co.,Limited specialises in rapid prototyping like rp tooling and always offers customers the best parts with high accurate in short time with low cost because of decades of experiences and always full advantages of rapid CNC machining, RIM, RT tooling taken. Both plastic prototypes and metal molds are be easily handled by KAIAO. If you are interested in RP tooling to make your next project, feel free to contact KAIAO for a free quote.


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