A better way to produce hundreds of thousands of pieces

The number of products soft tooling can produce is generally 50-5000 pieces, for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of products, we still need the traditional steel moulds. Hard tooling refers to the steel mold. The main methods using RPM prototype for steel moulding here in KAIAO are as follows: investment casting, Spark Erosion Machining , ceramic-type precision casting.

Below we will also show you a brief introduction to those methods and its basic process as well as the advantages and suitable projects. If you are interested in using those as your next project, KAIAO, as one of the top hard tooling companies in China, will surely be your top choice. Feel free to contact KAIAO here for a free quote.

Spark Erosion Machining

Spark Erosion Machining uses RPM prototype to produce EDM electrode, and then produce steel mold by spark erosion machining, the basic process is generally as follows: RPM prototype-three-dimensional wheel-graphite electrode-steel mold.

Investment Casting

Investment Casting can be used in the mass production of steel moulds, which uses the RPM prototype or soft tooling based prototype to produce wax patterns and then use the investment casting process to produce steel mold. Almost all RPM prototypes can be used as a die for precision casting.

Ceramic Precision Casting

For single or low volume production of steel mold, we can use Ceramic Precision Casting. The process is: RPM prototype as the mother mold-dip ceramic mortar- solidify mold shell in the roasting furnace -burn the mother mold-preheat mold-pouring steel mold cavity-cavity surface polishing.


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