Automobile lamps and lanterns Prototypes on Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing

The lamps and lanterns of automobile are high-tech products which gather the light, electricity, material and the art sculpt as a whole. The development of the world’s automobile industry and the continuous appearance of new car types puts forward the very high request for the product quality, species and the periods of remodel of the automobile’s lamps and lanterns and so on.

In the face of the situation of sharp market competition and the strict request for road safe laws, how to increase the development level of the new product and shorten the periods of product development and the mold manufacturing have become an urgent job of the automobile headlight profession of our country.

Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing(RPM) synthesizes the high-tech of CAD, data processing, numerical control, sensor, laser and so on, which are the important parts of the advanced manufacturing technique. The RPM adopts its special principle of disperse-accumulation, according to the mold of CAD, and divides the product into many layers, then piles up the manufacturing in multiple layers. Because the Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing processes one layer only each time, i.e. a certain section of the product, it can manufacture many three-dimensional entities in complicated shapes, which almost cannot be realized with traditional way of processing.

Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing is restricted by the material used, so it can’t be enough to substitute the end product. Therefore, the aspects such as the function examination of new product, feedback information after throwing in the market and try running to acquire the customer’s usage, and the small batch quantity production etc. will still need to manufacture the product of the actual material.

So, making use of the Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing as mother mould to make the mold and manufacture the product of the practical material, then come into being the Rapid Tooling(RT)technique which according to the fast prototype. Putting the prototype product into the frame and fixing it, then pour with the silica gel , after it solidifies and separates it by split plane, taking out the prototype, then make use of the silica gel mold to make the product.

The RPM is a high lately technique which can fast develop product prototype and mold, and using it in the development of automobile’s lamps and lanterns could have a series of advantage which can evidently shorten the periods of development, reduce cost and mold quickly etc., so this study topic has certain advancement and practicability.

The purpose of my research is going to resolve the problem of shortening the periods of developing the automobile’s lamps and lanterns prototype by adopting the technique of RPM. After discussing the principle, method and advantages of RPM, we adopt StereoLithography Apparatus ( SLA) technique and be drived by the model of CAD of the product directly, through the laser machine focalize photosensitive resin under the calculator control, making its surface solidified layer by layer and folded to make into the entity prototype of the headlight, then making use of the technique of overcasting the mold with silica gel to produce injection mold.

Thus it can realize the fast development of the key moulding of automobile’s lamps and lanterns. The content of this thesis is a part of the foundation item of machine industry technique development ” the automobile’s lamps and lanterns key parts and mold CAD/ CAM integral wholes technique”.


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