How to Select CNC Milling Tools in CNC Machining

The popularization of CNC engineering technology will make great within modern manufacturing technology. The numerical control rate is a crucial mark of the modernization level of national manufacturing industry. The development of COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL machining technology has a direct impact on the advance of manufacturing technology in various sectors of the national economy.

CNC Cutting Equipment in CNC Machining

Finding out tools for reducing is under the man-machine interaction programmed by NUMERICAL CONTROL. The CNC machine slicing tools and handles should be selected appropriately structured on the processing capacity of the machine, the fabric performance of each workpiece, the processing techniques, the cutting amount and other related factors. The general principle of COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL milling tools selection is: easy to install and adjust, good rigidity, toughness and finely-detailed. On the premise of meeting the processing requirements, make an effort to choose a shorter handle to increase the rigidity of CNC milling cutter tooling.

In digesting the free surface of CNC machining, there is no cutting speed in the head of ball end cutter, therefore, in order in order that the processing reliability, cutting line spacing is generally made close, and the ball head is often used for surface finishing. The flat brain tool in the surface processing quality and slicing efficiency are better than the ball knife, so, in the premise that no over cutting is guaranteed, KAIAO always give priority to the choice of flat knife for both rough surfaced control and finishing.

In addition, the toughness and accuracy and reliability of CNC milling tools is extremely relevant to the tool price. That must be noted that, in most cases, the choice of good tool increases cost, nevertheless , KAIAO are always able to associated with whole refinement costs reduced for you with better CNC machine cutting tools selected as they are incredibly helpful to improve processing quality and efficiency.

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